Stephen Sanders

Steampunk Poet
Stephen Sanders is an award-winning, published poet from Fort Worth, Texas. His works have been published in Canis Latran, Weatherford College; “Voices Along the River”, San Antonio Poetry Fair; “The Moon, The Eighth Continent”, National Space Society of North Texas (NSSNT); and is scheduled for publication in another anthology to be presented by the NSSNT about Mars. Sanders also has works in Raising Black Flags, Echoes From Other Worlds, and A Nest of Pirates. His first book of poetry, Characters: The Buffalo Soldier and Other Poetry was published in 2009. Most recently, his work about the death of his father took First Place in an international competition in poetry about the loss of a loved one, sponsored by COTA, the Children’s Organ Transplant Association.

This year, Sanders published Songs for a Mechanical Age: A Volume of Steampunk Poetry. After becoming familiar with Steampunk, Sanders is attempting to follow the genre’s ideal and mod an existing poetry form, the triolet, into a new literary ethic celebrating Steampunk and the Clockwork Age. Songs was presented at AMA-Con this year and was very well received. Sander was recently asked to present a lecture at SMU and is currently scheduled to appear at the “Weird West Fest” in Giddings, Texas in December. The Steampunk Poet is hard at work to create the perfect triolet about clockwork beatles, steam-powered airships, and a fantastic journey into the bright and exciting past!