Ruya Gamal

Ruya Gamal
Ruya Gamal, the Steampunk Genie will be performing during our exclusive after-hours party. A fantastic performer you’ll only see at The Westerfield Club.

In her words, “Outside of conventions and events where I don my signature mini-fez as the Steampunk Genie, in mundane life I really am a bellydancer with over a decade of training in Middle Eastern dance.

As Steampunk Genie I present panels, teach workshops, perform bellydance, and tell fortunes at conventions and themed events.

Gifted as an intuitive psychic and medium my entire life, it seemed only natural to incorporate my abilities into the Steampunk Genie character.

While “Genie” may have a sinister streak in performance, in readings I’m a friendly person who will explain everything as we work together, seeking guidance and answers to your heartfelt questions.”

Ruya Gamal, the Steampunk Genie

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