Brian Denham

Brian Denham2

Texas native and former Marine, Brian has worked for DC, Marvel, Image, Top Cow, Extreme Studios, Wildstorm, Antarctic Press, Chaos! and Dynamite Comics. Brian is known as a digital art pioneer by producing comics using Adobe illustrator. His artistic range covers books like the all-ages “Zombie Kid Diaries”, to more heroic fare like “Iron Man: Hypervelocity”, Avengers and Green Hornet, The X-Files and Starcraft. He also provided the artwork for Keith Lansdale’s adaption of Joe Lansdale Weird Western “Crawling Sky”. Brian has recently created a Kickstarter backed zombie themed deck of Bicycle brand playing cards.

His latest project is the comic series “Airship Enterprise”, a steampunk adventure that follows the crew of Airship Enterprise as they fight sky pirates, aliens, and other strange lifeforms in the stratosphere above a doomed world.