The Steampunk Poet

Stephen Sanders, AKA The Steampunk Poet, is a published, award-winning poet from Fort Worth, Texas. His classics include “The Clockwork Man”, “The Buffalo Soldier”, “It’s In Me Blood”, “A Tale from Devil’s Tavern”, “The Captain’s Coat”, “The Nautilus”, “Into the Night”, and many, many more. Last year, he published Songs for a Mechanical Age, a volume of Steampunk poetry which has been well received at Weird West Fest 2013 and several other conventions. In July of this year, The Steampunk Poet appeared at AMA-Con 2014 with one of his dearest friends, Dr. Harmonious Scott.

steampunk poetThis year, at Weird West Fest 2014, The Steampunk Poet will make a return appearance with his VERY special guests, The Steamdog Slam. The Steamdogs are a wild bunch of poets who will delight you and have you laving, crying, and asking for more! So, make sure you attend the performances of The Steampunk Poet, The Steamdog Slam, and the musical stylings of Dr. Harmonious Scott!