Doc Braggarts Medicine Show

Doc Braggarts Medicine Show demonstrates the amazing effects that occur when one consumes a powerful medicine, known as Doc Braggart’s Medical Miracle Elixir. Circus strongman Boris the Bolshevik demonstrates the elixir’s effect on one’s strength as he bends a metal bar over his head, pounds a nail through a board with his hand and rips a deck of playing cards in half! The elixir also makes one immune to pain, as demonstrated by street urchin Paulie as he survives the impact of an archer’s arrow against his neck, walks barefoot on broken glass and lays on a bed of nails! Cowgirl Ginger B. Goode demonstrates her skillful precision as she throws knives around a human target and prunes flower petals with a bullwhip! And lots more!!! When the show is over, audience members can purchase their very own bottles of Doc Braggart’s Medical Miracle Elixir!

Doc Braggarts Medicine Show Website

Doc Braggart's Medicine Show, performing at the Weird West Fest in Giddings, TX on September 20, 2014